Ok, so the actual phrase is “the mind-muscle connection”. Since the butt is basically a big muscle, by extension the title of this post still applies. Anyway, this post is about visualization and how it can help your booty building efforts.

When you’re training, no matter what kind of training it is, the experts suggest you visualize yourself being successful. For example if you’re training your biceps, it’s important to visualize the muscle growing and responding to your efforts. The same applies to when you do your butt exercises.

Before doing your butt exercise, take a few minutes to do some visualization. Imagine yourself with the booty you desire. Imagine how you would look in your favorite clothes. Visualize the butt shape you desire. Imagine you already have the booty of your dreams. Imagine how you would feel. Imagine the compliments you would get. Imagine the attention you would get. The basic idea is to make yourself feel as though you already have the butt you desire.

During your butt exercises visualize your glutes (butt muscles) as you work them out. You need to focus your attention on them and not just do the exercises in a haphazard way. Focus will make the exercise more intense. Visualize your glutes going through the motions of the exercise. Visualize them flexing and working and wanting to grow bigger, stronger and more shapely.

After the exercise, visualize that your butt muscles are building themselves up by taking in the nutrition that you are giving you body. Imagine that your glutes are recovering from the butt exercise you just did and are preparing themselves for next time by getting bigger, stronger, rounder and firmer.

Visualization is a powerful, but seldom used tool that will help you be successful in your butt building efforts, so use it diligently. You won’t regret it.

A bigger butt through exercise and nutrition. Is it actually possible? The answer to that question is a resounding “YES”. Although there are those who are predisposed to having a bigger butt due to genetics, anyone can improve on what they have. So even if your butt is as flat as a pancake you can improve it with the right exercises and the right foods. In all honesty, talking about increasing butt size sounds like a joke and may even produce some grins, smirks and chuckles. But if you really think about it, it’s the same as wanting bigger biceps or six pack abs. It’s an improvement in the shape and health of your body.

Cameron Diaz Says:

I’d love a bigger butt, more meat on my bones. I’d love to be more voluptuous…

Although this site focuses mainly on women, men can also benefit from the same methods for increasing the size, firmness, and shape of their butts. For women, a round, firm and shapely posterior is a symbol of her femininity. For men, a firm, muscular butt portrays virility and strength. Weather you are a man or woman a healthy backside is definitely attractive. Unfortunately most people do not know how to improve upon what they already have. We can tell you that there are many resources out there that will help you get the beautiful and bountiful bottom you are looking for.

Some elements of a good bigger butt building program are the following:

Butt Exercises

Here’s what Robert Kennedy, a well respected fitness guru and publisher of many books and magazines, among them Oxygen a respected magazine for women, had to say about building a more appealing rear end:

You can build a rounded rear end that will be so beautifully shaped and curved that even in clothes, its perfection will be noticed by those lightning glances from women or those lingering stares from men.

Butt Exercises are an important part of building a bigger booty. But your regular exercise routine will do very little to increase the size of your butt. There a many muscles in your lower body, but you need to specifically exercise those that can help you get a bigger and firmer butt. Not only do the muscles in that area need to be exercised, but they need to be exercised in a particular way and particular order. This creates synergy. What is “synergy” you might ask. Here’s the definition:

Synergy: The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

For our purposes, synergy basically means that you will get much better results doing butt exercises in a certain order and certain way than you would if you did the same exercises in a random order and haphazardly.


Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of building a bigger bum, because the kind of food you eat really affects the way your body looks. You need to eat good food that will work synergistically (there’s that word again) with the rest of your booty building efforts. You don’t want to eat foods that will have a negative affect on your body, which of course includes your butt.

A Good Attitude

This is one thing you cannot do without. This is probably the single most vital component of your success with anything you undertake. Whether it’s building a bigger butt, building a successful organization, better relationships, etc… If you don’t have the right attitude, you will not do all the other things it takes to achieve your goal. So a positive, ca do, attitude is a must.


There are people who learn from others and those who only learn only from their own experiences. Those who learn from others experiences usually get to the finish line the fastest and with the best results. A good teacher or guide is essential for reaching your goal of getting a bigger butt, a firmer butt or both. There are some folks who are experts at this and we’ll be taking a look at the butt building programs they offer.

So if you want a bootylicious bottom and turn your flaty into a fatty, go from a flat ass to all that ass, go from flab to fab, have a superior posterior, then you can take a look at some butt exercises to help you get started on building a bigger and firmer butt.

Well, It seems like everyone does! It seems as if people of all types want to have the sexiest and best behind possible. It’s not surprising with the media continuously reporting on glamorous stars and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian who support a larger than average butt. In fact Jennifer Lopez was voted to have the “best butt in Hollywood”.

Of course most of us don’t want a bigger, firmer butt to look like the stars but more for our own satisfaction. That’s what we aim to full fill here. We want to give you the information and the tools to help you get a bigger butt, a firmer butt, or both if you prefer.

Stay tuned, there’s more coming soon.

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