I got an email a few days ago from a person named Mary, claiming that she had tried doing butt exercises, but did not get any results. After investigating a bit, I found out why she was not getting any results. There were a few factors, but the most important was that Mary was doing the exercises haphazardly, without any sort of structure.

She informed that she had gone to various websites and had done most of the recommended exercises for a couple of months and had gotten negligible results. I then discovered that she had no regular routine, no proper workout plans, did not eat for butt(muscle) building and did the exercises in a disorganized and inefficient way.

If you truly want to build a bigger butt, you must follow the tried and true principles of muscle building. What Mary had done was get one exercise from here, one from there, another 2 from here, one from there and so on. She did not arrange these exercises into a workout in such a way that she could maximize her results. She had very little protein and complex carbs in her diet. She would only the do the exercises when she “felt” like it, every now and then. Not really an attitude that screams commitment. Mind you, this is not totally useless. This kind of routine is “okay” for preconditioning your glutes for an actual intense workout, a point that Mary never reached.

One thing I’ve learned is that when people try to get tidbits of information from numerous places and then try to apply that information to their booty building efforts, they more often than not, fail. Free information is okay, as long as you know how to organize that information to make it work for you, but most people don’t know this, and ultimately get not results. This is the reason I love books like Bigger Butt Secrets and other professional bigger butt building programs.

These programs don’t just give you exercises. They give you concrete information on nutrition; exactly what you need to eat and when. These programs help you get into the mindset to produce and expect results. They give you solid workout routines in which the butt exercises are arranged synergistically to maximize your results. They provide you with schedules to help keep you on track to achieve your goals of a bigger and better booty. This kind of information is the only way to a bigger butt. Butt exercises alone will not get you the results you want. You need to have the whole package.

Happy Booty Building Efforts To You!


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