Ok, so the actual phrase is “the mind-muscle connection”. Since the butt is basically a big muscle, by extension the title of this post still applies. Anyway, this post is about visualization and how it can help your booty building efforts.

When you’re training, no matter what kind of training it is, the experts suggest you visualize yourself being successful. For example if you’re training your biceps, it’s important to visualize the muscle growing and responding to your efforts. The same applies to when you do your butt exercises.

Before doing your butt exercise, take a few minutes to do some visualization. Imagine yourself with the booty you desire. Imagine how you would look in your favorite clothes. Visualize the butt shape you desire. Imagine you already have the booty of your dreams. Imagine how you would feel. Imagine the compliments you would get. Imagine the attention you would get. The basic idea is to make yourself feel as though you already have the butt you desire.

During your butt exercises visualize your glutes (butt muscles) as you work them out. You need to focus your attention on them and not just do the exercises in a haphazard way. Focus will make the exercise more intense. Visualize your glutes going through the motions of the exercise. Visualize them flexing and working and wanting to grow bigger, stronger and more shapely.

After the exercise, visualize that your butt muscles are building themselves up by taking in the nutrition that you are giving you body. Imagine that your glutes are recovering from the butt exercise you just did and are preparing themselves for next time by getting bigger, stronger, rounder and firmer.

Visualization is a powerful, but seldom used tool that will help you be successful in your butt building efforts, so use it diligently. You won’t regret it.

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